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The essence of learning is meaningful experience

WRS is an independent research consultancy helping organizations understand learning needs, envision learning strategies, and produce results.

Learning for What Purpose?

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Learning within an organization must produce a return on investment. Consider the metaphor of a mountain climb. The minimum acceptable result is reaching Base Camp where awareness and accountability are achieved. Better learning investments and efforts undertake The Climb where Behavior Change and Compliance are realized. Superior learning designs and efforts can reach The Summit of Culture Change which is observable in shared experience, vocabulary, and compatible behaviors.

The WRS Model of Culture Formation

Shared experience

To which participants ascribe a shared meaning

Using a common vocabulary

To convey shared values

Which inform compatible behaviors

Culture model

Culture emerges through an organic process outlined here. Shared experience comes from many sources and means, but a learning event or activity can provide a shared experience. Intentionally designed experiential, situation-based, decision-simulations have the best prospect of serving as a meaningful shared experience. Properly designed, this situational learning will result in Shared Meaning and Shared Values, but those are not directly measurable as they are inherently subjective. Those hidden realities may be evidenced through Common Vocabulary and Compatible Behaviors, which are overt and measurable.

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Areas of Focus

  • Learner population description

  • Compliance and performance requirements analysis

  • Organizational needs

  • Learning needs assessment

  • Learning concept and design

The research and design effort includes a synthesis of various insights into the organization. Every investigation is unique. Every organization’s status quo ante is distinct. Populations have their unique features. Each organization’s mission includes certain requirements for compliance (risk mitigation) and performance (task/mission achievement).

The gap between the organization’s status quo and its requirements informs a description of learning needs. And, an appreciation of the learning styles, attitudes, and current skills of the learning population informs learning concepts and design choices.

Areas of Application

  • Behavior-Based Risk Mitigation

  • Ethical Reasoning

  • Team Building

  • Leadership

  • Operational Effectiveness

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention

  • Professional Workplace Culture

Solutions supported by WRS research and design have covered a wide range of subjects described above.

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